SYNOPSIS:     A thief finds himself stuck in the house where Maria and her entire family were killed two years ago; Maria's ghost shows him the house's dark past and ask him to tell the hidden truth.


Saturday, June 01 2019

Nice Movie

Sunday, June 02 2019

I like SEMA. A Movie worth watching

Sunday, June 02 2019

Quite a thriller

Wednesday, June 26 2019

Its so interesting

Friday, June 28 2019

It cool

Tuesday, July 02 2019

Ama watching it tomorrow I want to sleep right now coz it's looks like scary movie

Saturday, July 06 2019

Great movie! Tanzania really taking this movie international amazing work to all the incredible actors and actresses great job director Timoth this really one of the greatest TZ horror movie I have ever seen! Well done and congratulations on your awards.

Saturday, July 27 2019