How does ROOTFLIX work?

ROOTFLIX is a membership-driven platform that streams quality educative and entertaining media content, most of which had gone through a selection process by various film festivals. Members have the option to subscribe monthly, quaterly, semi-annually, annually; or just pay for the films that they want to watch. Some films may not require payment, meaning that viewers can watch certain contents at no cost.

Can I advertise on ROOTFLIX?

Yes. Please use the Contact Us page and select "Advertise" option for "Reason of Contact" and tell us about your product or service. If we determine that it would benefit our members, one of our representatives will contact you.

Where is ROOTFLIX available?

ROOTFLIX is available anywhere that there is Internet connection.
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How fast should my Internet be?

The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but the faster the connection, the better the video quality and steaming experience. All videos are in high definition will play in 1080p so we recommend a fast enough internet connection around 5.0 Megabits per second. Based on your connection speed, however, we may serve you with a lower quality video to avoid a slow response.

Can I stream my own media on ROOTFLIX?

As long as your film is educative, entertaining, and meets film festival standards in terms of quality, sound, and picture; we would be glad to provide ROOTFLIX as a platform to showcase your work. You may use the Contact Us page to tell us about your interest. For "Reason of Contact" please select the "Inquiry" option.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

For security reasons, there is only one instance of login per member. If you are logged into one device, you would need to log out of that device before logging into another.

How can I give a feedback?

You may use the Contact Us page and select "Feedback" option for "Reason of Contact" to tell us what we can do to improve or serve you better; or what you like about ROOTFLIX.