Christine is an alcoholic by nature, a proud local bartender and full-time brewer that sells African traditional drinks in her native bar, located in a slum. This bar is her life, hobby and office. It’s the street on which she toils and hustles. She receives and serves customers from all walks of life (Village elders, Prostitutes, drunkards) that come in to find relief and an escape from life’s troubles. Among these walk-in clients, is the village Cop, whose role is to inspect, prevent and manage any alcohol related problems in the community. He sticks around regularly to keep an eye on the behaviors of the drunkards. He’s a respectable man who strongly detests these local brews and questions their legitimacy. One day while at a party, he’s immensely persuaded into tasting the strong drink called the African Whisky. This drink severely strikes him and inspires him to do the unthinkable. On that very night of the party, the murder of Mr. Kasozi (a proud associate of alcohol and a loyal customer of the bartender) occurs. When she returns from delivering an alcohol order, the bartender finds her bar in utter disarray, with a wailing waitress who had been left in charge but failed to watch over the drunkards. Mrs. Kasozi (a distressed wife) walks into the bar and there lies her husband lying in blood. Horrified, she confronts the bartender over the death of her husband and threatens to pursue justice and revenge. She makes a call to the Community’s trusted cop who happens to be recovering from a hangover from the previous night at the party, to help her launch an investigation of the murder. The bartender faces a major threat of losing her only business - the bar. She does her best to find the killer but fails to find anyone that knows or witnessed the murder. Her efforts are futile and her bar is permanently shut down. As the Officer begins the investigation, he starts to receive shocking stories from the interviewees, over what he did on the very night of the party; incidents he can’t recall because his brain was distorted. In the end, a prostitute who slept with the Cop on the night of the party, inadvertently narrates the ordeal of the killing to the bartender in a casual conversation, of how the Cop killed Mr. Kasozi while ludicrously drunk. In deliberate vengeance for everything he took her through, the furious bartender tortures and cunningly dunks him in a saucepan of tepid millet wine. When Mrs. Kasozi subsequently walks in to receive the updates on the killing, the Cop defensively blames the alcohol as the murderer. For he claims to have unconsciously and innocently been inspired by alcohol to shoot Mr Kasozi. He escapes the ordeal and walks away scot-free, followed by the confused and helpless Mrs. Kasozi. The bartender is left behind staring at her Calabashes that caused all this chaos.

Year: 2022     Duration: 106 min     Language: English