Copyright Indemnification

User agrees to assume full responsibility for complying with the Federal Copyright Laws and agrees not to make any attempts to tamper with any material on this platform without a written consent of ROOTFLIX®.


ROOTFLIX® is a membership-driven platform. Members agree not to share their login information with another person due to security reasons and liability. We have made subscription quite affordable to encourage everyone to have their own account, set prefrences, and receive appropriate correspondences.

Content Availability

User understands that ROOTFLIX® does not and will not store any film on their device. Therefore, content is always available upon request, based on desired Subscription option and as long as user is connected to the Internet.

Please note that apart from ROOTFLIX original content, we have other contents under the consent and agreement of the owners. Each owner certifies that they have full right to their content and grants us a non-exclusive right to place it on our platform. This allows them to also place their content on other platforms. If we find out that their content violates any third-party right, we will remove it from our platform immediately. If you are part-owner of any content and unaware of it being here, please contact us right away.