ISE ABE (Circumcision)

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Female genital mutilation, which is also known as FGM, female cutting, female circumcision, or traditional cutting, is the total or partial removal of the female genitalia. The main purpose of this practice is to prevent girls and women from engaging in promiscuous behaviours and to maintain their virginity until marriage. The practice has no religious backing and is strictly based on social norms, traditional and cultural beliefs. The practice poses many health risks that include high-risk pregnancies, menstrual irregularities, fistulas, diseases, infections, and in some cases death. Medically, FGM has no health benefits and causes many physical, emotional, and psychological harmful effects and traumas. Using 3D animation, this documentary details the lived experience of a FGM victim in Kwara State, Nigeria. This true life story documents the harmful effects of FGM, the roles societal norms play and the reason more awareness is needed to end this cultural practice.

Year: 2021     Duration: 7 min     Language: English