Leading Lady


A young actress recounts her rapid rise in the movie industry while struggling with the pressures of fame. Star actress Folake Coker just finished her first starring role opposite heartthrob Tolu Maximus in the soon to be blockbuster the historical musical epic Eze Nwanyi, directed and produced by top Nigerian filmmaker Sir Kingley Ofe. However, what would seem to be an opportunity of a lifetime turns out to be the scariest thing Folake could ever experience as she falls prey to her inner thoughts fueling raw anxiety, depression and paranoia. In neo-noir melancholy and episodic dreaminess, Folake’s world is in turmoil and she’s desperately looking for a way out before it’s too late. Set in an all too familiar world of moviemaking, ‘Leading Lady’ takes us into the private moments of memory, pain and sacrifice.

Year: 2018     Duration: 12 min     Language: English