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Nigerian Son Written, Produced & Directed by Laju Iren A Nigerian policeman is torn between his conscience, and the corrupt system he finds himself, he picks a side with lasting consequences on the ones he loves. *** An underpaid Nigerian police officer kisses his pregnant wife goodbye in their dilapidated compound, only to be faced with a commanding officer who is disappointed that the bribe he gathered was not enough. He is sent back into the field to get more money. While at his check point, he and his colleagues, two young men drive by in a flashy car, beat them up and extort money from them. Unknown to them, the men were on the way to find money to pay the urgent bills for a pregnant woman who collapsed when they patronised her place of business earlier. In Nigeria, many hospitals will not treat a patient without a cash deposit. The pregnant woman was the police officer's wife. While they were extorting the men, she and her unborn child passed.

Year: 2020     Duration: 7 min     Language: English

Directed By: Laju Iren

Produced By: Laju Iren

Written By: Laju Iren

Key Cast: Ifeanyi Kalu

Country: Nigeria