Switch is a coming of age film that follows the story of Blue Bazuaye, the child of Nigerian immigrants, as he navigates his suburban community in Bel-Air and his parents homeland, Nigeria. Set in Los Angeles and Lagos, this film examines the identities we assume, in the names of self-preservation or assimilation, while illuminating the variety in black experiences globally. Switch aims to contextualize racial identity in an era where children feel pressure to both accept and deny their roots simultaneously. Slogans: "This is my life. Hop in." "This is just my life.. I'm not sure either." "I'm not sure what's wrong, maybe you can help?" "He found Invisibility, the ultimate privilege" "His appearance changed his world." "Code Switching can be fun, but what if you're forced?" "Everyone wanted to be seen.. He wanted to disappear."

Year: 2021     Duration: 50 min     Language: English

Directed By: Uche Uba

Country: Nigeria, United States