DADDY’S WEDDING is a character-driven drama that believes in the power of love and forgiveness. A story of love found and love lost told in the present moment and past time, flooded with tears and smiles. Daddy’s wedding is about the losing and gaining of power and true love. It took a family to believe in others to give each other hope. After losing his wife, Mr. Maxwell met a younger woman and she changed his life, the saying “age is just a number” is proven in this movie. Mr. Maxwell wants to spend the rest of his life with this young woman who is a peer to his young daughter. This is not easy journey for his kids to take because they are left with a lot of questions. Did their father have a relationship before their mother passed away? Did their father love his late wife? The entire family travels from Dar Es Salaam to Saadan nation park to attend their father’s wedding. It is not easy for the six siblings with grief. It’s the Family drama and love that helps this family to deal with their mother’s loss. After all is said and done, will Mr. Maxwell Mazengo get married? Will his kids support him?

Year: 2015     Duration: 85 min     Language: English, Swahili