Greener Pastures


Rose and Jack remain in an unhealthy marriage because of their unborn child and the implication of divorce on Jack's stay in Australia should Rose decide to quit the marriage. Rose looks through Jack's phone when Jack is having a shower, which causes a brawl that makes Rose threaten to get Jack kicked out of Australia. Months later, Jack returns home late one night to find Rose awake drinking alcohol. They get in an argument over him not picking her calls and switching off his phone afterwards, which would have led to a fight if Jack did not force himself out of the room. Rose continues attempting to get negative reaction from Jack same night until Jack got to a point where he's had enough of her provocations. Knowing what she's done and what might happen, Rose tries to escape but sees Jack running towards her with a wheel spanner so she runs back to the room screaming. Jack runs after her, and they both struggle with the room door before Jack is able to push his way in then he trips on a water bottle that's been thrown at him earlier. He hits his head on the wood edge of the bed as he falls and slumps. Jack is seen in a critical condition in the hospital a days later.

Year: 2018     Duration: 20 min     Language: English