If These Locs Could Talk


This film explores the importance and connections African Americans have with dreadlocks. Everyone has a story to tell but the commonality we have is the journey of learning more about ourselves through our hair. IF THESE LOCS COULD TALK speaks to the part of us dedicated to changing narratives that don’t honor our humanity. This is a love letter to us, from us. It captures the rich and complex simplicity of our hair, specifically our locked hair. This subsection of the community has long been overlooked or relegated to a specific part of the Black diaspora. But, Locs are versatile and so are the people that rock them.  
 This poetic piece speaks alongside them, illustrating the why’s and how’s of their loc journey and what it means to them. Through this we learn more of ourselves as a community and are again reminded of the vastness of our expression.  Our goal is to take you on and audio/visual journey of the beauty that "locs" have set in our culture. It's not just a "hairstyle", it's a creative expression of who we are.

Year: 2022     Duration: 8 min     Language: English