Love Pain & Lemonade


In LOVE, PAIN, AND LEMONADE, two Americans, Helen, and Kara travel to Eritrea in 2010-2011, in search of human connection. This experimental documentary/ travelogue features Kara Wackrow and Helen Gebregiorgis, two friends who reunite shortly before deciding to go on this journey together. The documentary explores cultural connection and cultural isolation through a slice-of-life style of storytelling. Helen deals with the experience of visiting family members and their interest in American culture and how she feels in between cultures. Both women deal with their own experience of cross-cultural connection that truly opens their eyes to what human interaction can be. As the women experience the culture of Eritrea, they understand themselves in relation to a generation dealing with civil unrest. Eritrea fought for independence from Ethiopia in a war that lasted over 30 years, and an ongoing border conflict that resulted in a peace agreement in 2018. The film briefly touches upon the border conflict and Eritrean experiences with that through dialogue as well as sightseeing.

Year: 2019     Duration: 83 min     Language: English



Saturday, April 03 2021

A graceful meditative walk with no separation while sharing the joy of simple living. Enjoyed the creative use of camera focus on faces and movement.