Rise Above My Pain


When Chanel’s health keeps degenerating, she goes to find a diagnosis while trying to stay afloat in her business world filled with chaos. With a partner who keeps stressing her out and clients who only care about their businesses. She passes out in the office and ends up in the hospital but doctors can’t seem to find anything wrong with her. Her business partner visits her in the hospital and goes on and on about things that need to be done. She gets out of the hospital and has to face her biggest client at the moment who seems to think she’s calling her bluff. Chanel keeps having crisis and doesn’t believe the doctor who declared her medically ok. She goes to see a Neurologist and finally gets answers to all her questions. She comes to terms with her reality and decides to start a foundation to help people suffering from the same disorder she has.

Year: 2019     Duration: 14 min     Language: English