Skia (Listen in Swahili)

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A couple of years ago I interviewed and collaboratively photographed 20 women of varied backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations who live in Nairobi, talking about the realities of living in a female body. I included myself as the 21st participant. Out of these interviews and performed portraits, I compiled a short film with the intention of showing it as a projection with surround speakers from which the layered voices of the edited conversations would emanate, enveloping the viewer/listener for an all encompassing experience. The conversations cover topics including: sexual abuse, relationships, marriage, divorce, work dynamics, contraception, traditions and their upholders, saying NO! and more. These are, at times, cathartic recounts all voluntarily offered and, in the women's own words, serving them as therapy as the words were externalised. Originally meant to be shown as a projection with surround sound for an all-encompassing empathic experience.

Year: 1900     Duration: 28 min     Language: English

Directed By: Nekane R. de Ozamiz

Country: Kenya